This is part of the experience of users of my orgonites, which I just copied and enclosed here. They are written honestly and in one breath. Since I have many, I  apologize to everyone else who has not been found here. By the way, this is published in the 2016 of the Future Nutrition Congress, where every year I have my participation and exhibit one of my  works.

Today I immediately felt the energy ... first, in addition to all the problems that I currently have from my heart, I laughed and then cleansing through tears ... so some kind of realization I have been working on for a long time .. and I watched myself and felt some peace and then i ask .. how did this just come about now? so i remember that orgonites came into the house with all their energy .. my dear Julia…many greetings and let me know what's going on ..


It has been about three weeks since the orgonites arrived at me.
Aday after the arrival of the orgonite, I meet my path I think he’s the perfect partner for this phase of my life.
 A week after that, a big job came into my office. I know that everything is fine, but I want action, sometimes my energy drops, because I do not accept idle, and then I realize that everything is going to my best advantage.
Third, there are situations in which I see myself from a bird's eye view, how I progress emotionally (towards a person who frustrates me and I don't think he's a good person, I don't feel any more disgust or that bad shiver in my stomach when I see one) If a bad thought comes up. be aware of it. Sometimes I manage to overcome it sometimes, but I become more and more aware. Also, all I need to know comes to me.
And, I went to yoga again. I might not even go again, but a yoga instructor, a few days after the orgonite came in, came to the office by herself to see what was going on with me because I was out of class. Another nice coincidence.

I congratulate you full, all the best

11.2014 Z M

I bought an orgonite pyramid about a month ago and can only see the positive changes in my home, the fights are almost gone, and the finances have improved, my brother got a job which needed a real miracle to happen because he was very frivolous, hehe and it happened . My orgonite now serves as decoration, protects against radiation and turns bad energy into good. So whoever does not believe, try not lose anything, anyway !!! Thank you Julia Jana for making orgonites! You are making it with love, because everything that came from the love of the sea to be fine !!! And I can't wait for my orgonite heart to arrive.  Thanks again!!!

M A-K Belgrade 10. 2013

The package arrived. My daughter is delighted with the orgoinite and is constantly cuddling and holding it. The mat is on the table and it's PERFECT, and the little ones are already laid out and they are simply lovely, however I look at them and I smile, and they are constantly before my eyes because one is in front of the computer, one in the kitchen on the desk and one at the bed. the other three with their new proud bosses, we love you so much

O. N. 06. 2013

First i bought the orgonite just because i like how it was done and not because i believed something especially about its power. When he arrived I was happy and I put water on the mat, it stood for a couple of hours and I drank it. Wather had a different taste.  My daughter noticed the same , and was looking for another one right away. Otherwise, she now carries the orgonite with her constantly and she is much calmer and easier to solve all problems. I have no longer any problems with my kidneys, my hormone pth is on normals and vitamin D that I didn't have at all. I intentionally went to check this with blood sampling after two months of day-to-day hanging out with them, now for me by magic orgonites :))))


I have to tell you a short story, what happened to me yesterday !!! In the afternoon, I felt intense pain in the middle of my chest, which spread even to the back between the two shoulder blades, and I lost my breath from the intensity of the pain. I barely got to the bed and thought "this means the end" ... in my sweatshirt pocket was an orgonite ... from the severity of the pain, I was totally still and relaxed on the bed ... and then I felt some throbbing , as if it were "alive", I didn't even remember what it was about ... the pulsation intensified and I suddenly got a urge to urinate, went to the bathroom, and after that, the pain disappeared and the orgonite pulsation stopped ... an incredible experience, for me, because I am still a man of science ... but, this personal experience has completely changed me, and that last spark of doubt is gone ... I love you so much

R D Belgrade, 2013

I carry it every day with me in my pocket and at night I put it under my pillow when i sleep really is my age and i keep the pyramid in the room where we stay most and feel good all day and laugh non stop. I would also like a green star since both orgonites are for my son, he starts to notice that it is nicer to us in the house since they came and became friends with us

J B Kikinda 09. 2013

Julianna thanks for the gift, he's pedantic. I raised my first orgonites !!! I'm just excited ... I'm in the car and typing, wonderful feeling! Thanks, I really feel butterflies in my stomach!

I B from Bor, May 2013

The atmosphere is much more stable in our apartment. I think there is no tension as before, and there are far fewer problems. A small orogeny should be with the body. When I wear it, I'm kind of relaxed and my wishes come true.

CM, Banja Luka, May 2013

Another experience of my orgonite users. I'll tell you his story: After he brought the pyramid, she was taken to the cottage. That man stated that he had almost never seen such a beautiful orgonite, though he had seen many  earlier.
Basically, he set it up at the cottage and went home, the cottage-house distance is about 10 km. That night he had clear dreams, which he mostly did not have, because when he gets up in the morning he does not remember dreaming of anything, and if he did, it was foggy and vague and very rare. He called me to tell about his dream, to find out later that every night since then he had started to dream completely clear dreams that he remembers in the morning.
As there were no health problems, the feelings were relaxation, calmness, clarity of thought and decision making. Everything went so far in the business plan that almost everything that was offered could not be achieved, the material situation improved a lot.

J.P Novi Sad, October 6, 2013

I intend to send you a message and tell you my story ... if you remember my first message to you was that I do not know with money and with my heart, then I was in debt and without feeling, no man caught my attention, only they showed up and meant nothing to me. When the first orgonite came to me, I repaid the debt of 1000 euros and I cannot even explain how, with the help of a mantra and orgonite, money appeared from different sides ... suddenly and suddenly, and it seemed impossible. After a few months, I ordered another orgonite and as he entered my home, so did the man of my life ... in my city in my country .... I didn't believe that we would continue so intensely when he returned to the Netherlands , but we are even stronger .... I am going to the New Year with him and I plan to finally indulge in such an open heart ... thank you Julian for everything ... I love you and of course I will not stop on this ... 

B from Bor 10. 2013

Ever since we brought orgonite into the house, everything has suddenly changed! The amount of energy we all feel, and everyone who is present! The quality of sleep has improved completely, we get fresh, rested and full of energy. All the everyday problems are gone (pressure problems, digestion, all kinds of pain), even our material situation has improved! I also use it in meditation, and I also purify water and food with it.
Thank you for everything ... I need to get a few more pieces <3


The other day I had pain in my head ... I have not taken classic medication for years, it mostly goes away. This time it hurts. My son takes the orgonite you gave me and puts it on my head, the pain disappears with a slight tickle! THANK YOU

N N J 10, 2013

I know it'll mean I'll write to you, to know. But these orgonites do wonders in my life! You are one magical woman and it is good that you have appeared in our lives.
All my acquaintances who have received orgonites are simply going on what they wanted deep inside.
In my case, everything is still evolving. I am 29 years old and have never had this much confidence and love for myself. And literally what they say is true: when you love yourself, you will be loved by others. I've been spreading positive energy around, I've never been this interesting and the opposite sex :))) I totally came back to myself because for years I lost myself by wasting myself on other people. Only now do I see how unhappy I was in my previous relationship. I have never put together such a long period without anxiety and bad days.
And last night I tried what you said ... I am a longtime circus and I have stomach and stomach problems, and last night I was awakened by pain so I put orgonite on my stomach .... I fell asleep like a baby, I was no longer sick
Thank you a million more times!

J A, 10.2013

Here's our last experience with orgonites (and there are quite a few)
My dog, Chihuahua Pako, started for some unknown reasons, to slow down when walking .. At the same time, his right eye began to narrow and swell….He could barely open it ... The vet was confused because all the findings showed that everything was fine ... and it was getting worse and worse ... We tried various therapies and medicines but to no avail ... More precisely, Pako would be a little better while the therapy was lasting and as soon as it ended , he would go back to the old one again ... We reached that stage that I could not even perform Pako any more for a walk, because his movement was very, very difficult, slow and painful .. We stopped the medication because it made no sense and we were looking for a diagnosis ... In the meantime, Juliana brought us an orgonite. I know animals have a positive and evocative effect and it has cost us nothing to try. I put it around his neck and waited ... For the first days, he started walking nicely in the walk, and after about ten minutes he would get tired ... in a few days he managed to cross about 15 min before he got tired .. ... about 20 minutes later ... and now he's been wearing orgonite for about a month now, he runs the whole walk for an hour and goes home and goes crazy about the apartment. And the eye is much better. Not quite, but it's 80% better. The vet was surprised to see him ... He was amazed at how spontaneous it was ... Eye drops that in the most severe cases did not affect him, and now he is almost without healing without any treatment ... The orgonite is still worn so  Pako will no longer have any problems. Thanks Juliana

T P Novi Sad 10. 2013

The flowers were happy with orgonites. My orgonite is in the kitchen, and the spatyphilum in the living room - its sheets have turned in the direction of the orgonite. It's amazing how it feels in the whole apartment))) I have no say ... really every honor ***

P J, Belgrade, 2014

Dear Julian, Here I am to let you know ... My creativity is at a very high level, one of my health problems has improved, so much so, that I am delighted ... I do not remove my orgonite, I even know that you told me that I take it off when I sleep and put it under the pillow, which I did at the beginning, but for several days I no longer do it, I sleep with him ... I also read in one of your articles that we leave the pendant around his neck the way he turns. i noticed that whatever i put it on, the red side (front) turns to my body, does that mean anything? I greet you very much and hug you very much.

M M April 2015

I received a package from you, I am very grateful. I was especially delighted to see that you also sent me another personal orgonite . I have been motivated ever since than, constantly getting new knowledge about myself that I interact with, it makes me more confident, all in all, I am very pleased and equally grateful for this gift. Keep it up, thank you again.

M L 04.2014

We have a 6-month-old baby who has very restless dreams, she spends almost all night crying, and the same happens throughout the day. She sleeps about 4 hours at 24 hours, intermittently crying. Medical advice did not help us, so we stopped giving pain therapies, soothing, etc. We ordered a baby pendant, one larger orgonite and another flat. We hung this baby pendant on his bench and put the bigger one under the mattress, as recommended. You won't believe it, but his quality of sleep has improved so much, that we are all finally breathtaking! She sleeps quality and length immediately increased by at least 80%. She sleeps 4 hours during the day and about 5 hours of peaceful sleep at night. Our baby can finally make good progress, and we are happier, calmer and more satisfied. Thanks Juliana

Xx 2014

I hurt my foot by stepping on a stone, my foot overturned, and I forcefully stepped on that overturned foot. The pain was terrible, and  became more and more acute and frequent. Nothing was broken. I couldn't rely on my leg, each movement causing me sharp and pain. Then I put my leg on orgonite once, twice a day …From that moment on, the swelling started to move ... every time I looked at my leg, I saw that it was different, but better ... Now I can get up without pain, go to the toilet, even lean a little on that leg.

J. R 2015

Dear Juliana
After almost 6 months since I brought the first orgonite to the place where I live and work, I can make my impressions quite clear and responsible. What I feel the orgonites brought to me was just what I was missing, which is the power to regulate relationships and the space around me as it should. To clear space from unnecessary things, and also to distance myself from people who burden and threaten me. I'm slowly succeeding in that and I can concentrate on what matters, which means a lot to me in life. Despite the constant obstacles on the way, I am moving forward. Thank you Juliana for the positive encouragement and inner strength I really need. !!

In R 13. 04 2015

The first day the pyramid came to me, I felt very happy for her, watching and holding her in admiration. In the following days, I became much calmer.
My creativity has suddenly grown! On the third day at bedtime, I got an idea, which I realized tomorrow and greatly improved my financial situation. Since then, new ideas are coming to fruition, and I am becoming more calm, looking at everything positively, progressing spiritually, attracting even more good things into my life and feeling that I am on a great path. The Pyramid is my true friend, and I'm really happy to learn about orgonites and because I use them

Apr 05, 2015

They changed my life ... thank them ... thank the Creator who made it possible to invade my life. I couldn't get the placebo effect because I got the medallion without any knowledge of the orgonites. The first three nights were very, very interesting ... intense dreams ... tears .. And now it happens that tears come when I put on my forehead. For the two years that the orgons and I have been dating, I feel "alive." The financial situation has improved.
In terms of creativity ... just now I'm comparing it (before and after orgonite) ... and even before I had a vivid imagination ... now I'm writing a book better told, slowly tracking and recording my changes (both physical and spiritual) that started from orgonita. What is interesting to me about friends is that a lot of people just left my environment? The greatest profit was given to me by the orgonites in spiritual advancement, and there seemed to be a great deal to purify and change in myself. Not to be confused - I don't consider myself better than others but just a happy person who has had the privilege of starting to change. How can it be any better than this?

A F 18 March 2015

I came to the conclusion, looking at myself and others, I may have already told you that the orgonite pulls out from us the deepest most beautiful in which we are the best and what we need most. And it actually brings us what we most want within ourselves. Consciously or not.
So, I bought an apartment in Belgrade. I have been living as a tenant  for 10 years and in a few days later, buying my apartment! Orgonite brought me the most beautiful being in the world, in the form of a guy who has everything I have wanted most so far.
I really don't know what more to say than this happiness and love.

A J 11/29/2013

The orgonites have changed my life, in various aspects. They have restored my will to heal people, to hold seminars ... I met various interesting people through them, they help me with healing and experiments, work, health ... I returned impaired communication with some dear people, etc ... they simply exist ! And they transmit the energy of the Creator, they connect, which is the natural state of the universe, everything is connected. Like the old pyramids that made up their network all over the planet ...

A P Dec 12, 2011

Improved interpersonal, family and work relationships. False friends came out of my life, completely calm and painless, new ones appeared. They help me heal, relieve pain, burns, bacteria, viruses. The disease goes faster, the pain is insignificant.
Not counting interpersonal relationships and all the other positive things about the household, they also help me with flowers. It happened that my banjamin had dried up and I just put the orgonite on the ground, continued to water it and fully recovered. I also put 2 avocado "baskets" at a time to sprout. One avoc had grown about 30cm and the other had started to dry completely. I put an orgonite next to it (after 2 months of rest) and now it has grown about 10cm

J P Sep 16, 2013

DO YOU KNOW WHAT PYRAMID DID  TO ME? I lay down in the afternoon to rest, and I let the beautiful mantric II ... and than, it pulled me to the astral and  I saw my soul danced in front of her ... believed it or not

M M Greece 18.04. 2015

My dear Juliana Radovan ... you know I complained to you that I wasn't feeling well in my new office space, for months. Absoluteness, fatigue, lack of concentration and legs and arms as heavy as lead. Groundwater and the Hartman node have been found below the office premises, so very harmful radiation is created which not only has great power but is also immutable, which means that it has a constantly harmful effect. A power line is also nearby, so it all serves as a carrier or transporter of this radiation to the surface, which also complements the harmful effects caused by serious illnesses on people on their vertical. , the way you advised me. My colleague and I were reborn when the orgonite came in. Both painlessness and fatigue and labored arms and legs disappeared and the concentration returned. The pyramids have been in the office for the sixth month and have turned out perfectly. Even in the winter, we noticed that the flowers in the potted office, despite the steam heating and the closed windows, did not introduce, on the contrary, it developed as if from water. That's why you immediately came to my mind when it came to Bonnie. Organic energy is living energy. Thank you

In M, C. Gora, June, 2015

We ordered pocket orgonites because we live near power lines. In the meantime, we were briefed on cleaning our entire home and planned to buy a pyramid. However, the first cleanup results came only with pocket orgonites. A very close person came to our house almost daily. Many people who know her at our place said they felt uncomfortable in her vicinity, but could not define how. It is evident that she has a lot of negative energy that she selflessly shares with her actions and story. Ever since we bought the orgonite, it has started to come less frequently, once a week, and when it comes, it hurries and is constantly in a hurry to finish something. She acted like she was sitting on needles, didn't drink her coffee , spinning, didn't finish the story, as if she was uncomfortable in her own skin. So I'll have to buy someone else a pyramid.

V. B. 2015
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