Orgonites are devices that are made of metal shavings, resin, and quartz crystals in precisely defined proportions. They are poured into molds that can take many forms: pyramids, cups, pendants, pocket orgonites, coasters for water.

What are orgonites for?
We live in a world full of harmful energies. There are several sources of harmful energy:
1. We all know the harmful effects of cell phones, computers, and other electromagnetic devices. There are also harmful appliances of electrical appliances, microwave ovens, sockets, meters, transformers, mobile transceivers, power lines, transformers …
2. Natural sources of harmful energy are those coming from underground streams, various tectonic holes, ancient wells, places where living organisms decayed … Also natural sources of cosmic radiation, such as Kari nets and Hartman nodes, are also natural.
3. Extremely powerful sources of harmful energies also come from our or others’ negative thoughts such as stress, worry, sadness, anxiety, anger, envy, anger, etc.
All these harmful energies disturb our energy bio-field, or aura. Aura damage is often felt as problems with sleep, intolerance, irritability, problems with concentration … Often times there is a disruption of interpersonal relationships, either with the family or with colleagues at work … A longer stay in such places can lead to serious health problems, and some can even end up being devastating.
The orgonites of all these harmful energies neutralize and transmit orgone energy. They reverse this process by repairing our bio-field, which later has a positive impact on our entire lives. The first indicators are precisely the quality of the dream, a great leap in creativity in any aspect of our lives, improving interpersonal relationships. When the biofield works properly, there are no boundaries. It is one constant happiness and satisfaction, joy in everything, we do everything with ease and pleasure … From the experience of people using orgonites I can say that some have improved their health for the better, alleviated pain, burns and injuries healed faster. Particularly interesting is that if some things in our lives have stood still and have not been resolved for years, and we have been distressed for a long time, then suddenly it starts and we easily resolve it in our favor. We feel secure in our decisions and choices, at times when we have some doubts. We have not come to this world to be tormented, but to enjoy the benefits that are offered to us, and which are there, we just need to recognize and reap them. In every situation orgonites always work in our favor, there are no adverse effects. When we give in to them, and when we are sure that our every move will bring everyone, and ourselves, well-being, then our whole lives are for the better!
There is no contraindication. They can be used by healthy people as well as sick people, young children, pregnant women, pets …
They are beneficial for the growth of houseplants, crops, vegetable crops or orchards.
Organites are constant generators of positive, orgone energy.
Not only do they emit orgonic energy, orgonites produce negative ions that are also beneficial to the living world.
It is good to use orgonites in places where there is a lot of negative energy, where the traffic of people is high, where you feel the presence of people who have many negative emotions, where there are technological devices …
Many therapists use orgonites in places where it is necessary to be relaxed, such as medical rooms, hospitals, centers for psychotherapy, healing, homeopathy, quantum therapy, etc.
Good start

The orgonite is placed at the source of negative energies. In the apartment, this is usually next to a TV or computer, a router for wireless internet, or where you feel negativity. There are also heavy groundwater and cosmic radiation, which are extremely harmful to our body. It is enough to place the orgonite in such a place and not move it every now and then.

If you have two or more orgonites, be sure to have a distance of 1.5m at least, since they are interconnected, and this networking simultaneously enhances them. Their action will not be stronger if you gather them all together, but on the contrary … as far apart as possible.

The best protection is achieved when you arrange 4 orgonites in 4 corners of a room or apartment and place the fifth in the middle. This is not imperative, but you will still do a lot with at least one or two orgonites in your space than not having one. We are literally immersed in a sea of harmful energies that disrupt our energy envelope around the body, hence health and all other fields of our lives.

The orgonites do not like to move … you will only move them from time to time to wipe the dust off them, but not anywhere else. If you moved, you will move and orgone and then leave them in one place to stand there again.

In the case of using the pyramids, it is necessary that its pages be directed to the pages of the world. It is best to use the compass to determine the sides of the world, to put them in the desired place and not to move …
From time to time you can take them out to the sun for a couple of hours and then return them to their places. This can be two to three times a year. Users come to me with experiences that when they do, they feel stronger and better at acting.

In addition to the space orgonite, it is good to wear another pendant around your neck, directly on the skin, under the wardrobe. The pendants only affect the person who wears it, while the space orgonites affect the space on everyone who happens there. When you come out of your organized space, you will again be hit by heavy energy, whether it is at work or some other place where there is a lot of harmful radiation. The pendant is worn throughout the day and occasionally removed during the night, or when taking a bath. (this is only because the skin on which you wear orgonite does not quickly wipe off) If you want to hang it on any other chain, you can do it freely, but it still turned out to be more practical to wear on “braid” which I send with the pendant. This is also true for pocket orgonites. They are carried everywhere, and can be placed in problematic places on the body when you want to achieve the intended effect.

Another “little thing” Don’t think I’m out of my mind, but I’m saying this from experience: orgonites don’t like to be neglected, left behind or forgotten. From time to time direct your attention to them, meditate near them, (you can get an orgonite for meditation only), “ask” them something, send them your thoughts, ideas, hunches … whatever. Ask for something from them. talk to them as if you know they understand you. When you connect with them, you get the right effect! And that effect is always the one you need at that moment. It will bring to each person something different, but just what he needs most needed … You can’t win the lottery if you haven’t paid the ticket. So here … get active, invest yourself, spend some of your time for them, because orgonites are not magic wands, but magic are certainly <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Just to illustrate their strength, many report to me that they felt the effect of being on the way home, while carrying them in a purse, bag, or the like, or unpacking a package they just received. It also happens that I make an orgonite for someone who is thousands of miles away and, as he waits for me to deliver them, feels their action. This does not mean that their action has even reached the bottom, because I think it is not possible, but that this person has connected with them, wherever they may be, at any end of the planet …

If you are taking multiple orgons for the first time, my advice is to place only one in your space somewhere near your computer or other electrical appliances, and deliberately neglect all others by putting them away where you do not frequently go. They don’t like it. It will work then, but very mildly. When you feel it’s time, which can be in ten days or more, unpack another one and place it in front of the first one and so on … Patiently put one orgonite in its place every ten days. The first thing the orgons will teach you is patience.

Using pocket orgonites
Each pocket orgonite has a downward spiral on its underside. It is the field from which the harmful energy from the body is drawn. If you place it on the body with its upper side, then the orgonite will charge your body with orgone energy. It’s good for both. If you have some pain, it would be a good idea to put it in a spiral towards the body, and in conditions where you feel a lack of energy such as. sadness, weakness, etc. place it face to body.


 They collect a negative orgone or DOR and constantly convert it to a positive orgone, ie. POR
In the presence of negative orgone energies are activated and begin to convert DOR to POR
The strength of orgonite is proportional to its mass, i.e. size. The larger the orgonite, the greater the radius of action and vice versa. Small or personal orgonites only affect the person wearing it, while large orgonites affect anyone in the area
The effect of orgonite usually feels like pulsation, vibration, weight, lightness … It is individual and depends only on the person using it. If you do not feel anything, it is not a sign that the orgonite is not working, because it has nothing to do with personal feelings, but it certainly does, even if you are not aware of its presence near you.
The orgonites network with each other and the best protection against DOR is achieved when you place 4 orgonites in 4 corners of the apartment or space in which you reside, and place the fifth in the middle. With this networking, the orgonites are amplified and enhanced, so that their operation will be more complete and complete.
It is very important to connect with your orgonite, which is achieved by directing your attention towards it. Some people use the orgonite solely for meditation, but it is not obligatory, but it is enough to direct their thoughts and treat it with respect, as if it were a living being, as if we knew they would understand and respond to us. The answers usually come in the form of words or sentences, and some by “coincidence” like when you wanted to find out something, so you meet a neighbor who starts saying something and you hear him answer questions that he didn’t even know you were asked. Or, for example, when you were about to open an “accidental” book, newspaper, turn on the TV, and just come up with answers to your questions
We treat the orgons with respect, as if we were a family member. We do not neglect it, we will not leave it somewhere on the terrace or thrown among the things we do not need, because they do not like this kind of treatment. We are happiest when we live with them and beside them, when they are in sight with us, when we want to “please” them, as we would to a member of our family.
The duration of the orgonite is unlimited. Some have researched and said that their effect becomes weaker after 80 years, which I can not claim here, I will know it when it is 80 years after I made the first orgonite 🙂
The orgonites do not need any cleaning or filling. Just place them in space and they will constantly work and convert DOR to POR
The orgonites have nothing to do with zodiac signs, date of birth or personal affinities
The same orgonite can serve multiple people. If you wish to donate your orgonite to someone, for some reason, you are free to do so, and it will again bring to that person the benefits that that other person needs.
The person who makes the orgonite also depends on its range, performance and quality. When making orgonites, the master associates with them, breathing in their emotional energy, thus enhancing the effectiveness of converting DOR into POR.
It is very important that at the time of making the orgone, the master who makes them with each material that he or she will incorporate is respectful, as well as the finished orgonite. Shavings, crystals or resin cannot stand in a mess of some sort, tear down and unpack, search or sort only when needed. All materials to be incorporated into the orgonite should be in a specific place, sorted, clean and tidy.
Another trait that may be important for the masters is that it is good to have the orgonites always made in the same place at the same time of day, then there is no one present so that they can focus well on the work and thus breathe the maximum amount of positive energy, because the mental and emotional state of the master is very important


By converting DORs into PORs, they restore the energy balance of the person who uses them.
By releasing or mitigating the negative influences around us, our consciousness will change, and so we will start thinking differently ourselves, in a way that will be beneficial to ourselves and to the whole environment
The rise of creativity, positive thoughts and the energy jump is the first action of the orgonite. Often people on the way home feel the positive effects of orgonite from their bag by having a handful of catchy ideas that can be put into action
Improving sleep quality. It is not necessary to sleep long to rest, in the morning after a short night’s sleep we get fresh and warm
During the day, we do not feel a decline in energy, we do not need to lie down to rest after work, but maybe a few moments of meditation or seclusion, which will completely refresh us and give us additional strength to finish the day with plow and chili.
Stress, negative thoughts, sorrows or fears are easier to overcome in the presence of orgonite, we are beginning to find new solutions to our problems easier
They calm, emotionally empower and amplify us
Empathy and compassion for others
I made my first orgons in July 2011. I had never seen an orgonite before, only in pictures …
I don’t know how I got to orgonite, they just popped into my life, captured my attention and all I wanted to do was make one. However, I didn’t even know it was just my start. I thought I would calm down when I made one orgonite and it would be the fulfillment of another creative idea.
Before that, I was engaged in spiritual techniques, such as: Transcendental Meditation, a multi-year seminar “The Road to Enlightenment”, Reiki, Yoga, Connecting to the Energies of Nature, Sanging and More … I did this for a reason which made me comfortable and wanted to make progress in spiritual techniques. All this satisfied me to some extent, but I still felt like I was missing something …
When I created the first orgonite, I suddenly got everything I had aspired to for years before.
From that moment on, I started to get completely clear and strong insights, answers … When I asked something, I was quite sure that the answer I “got” was correct! There was a certainty, clarity, accuracy, calmness … It was a feeling that I always evoked and wanted to have … Not only did I get answers, but also instructions, what to do next in my life and how to I’m acting! A fanatical feeling, which intensified and became clearer the more I would listen!
All the problems in my life simply disappeared, because I was able to solve them with ease, the relationships with my colleagues at work went without a hitch, and everything about the orgonite went easy, as if I had obeyed the instructions of some well-known orgonite master. I was finding the raw materials, molds, and everything else that needed to be worked out without difficulty, the answers themselves came down to how to assemble a good orgonite, what to do and what not to do to make the orgonites effective.
I gained tremendous strength and energy, was able to sleep for 4-5 hours at night, stale plow and chile, full of new ideas. There was no fatigue during the day, as was the need for food.

One of the instructions I learned then was that orgone energy is very powerful, involved in altering our DNA, and that my job is to make as many orgonites as possible, place them everywhere, and have as many people as possible!

So I did and everyone who has had a very positive opinion of their actions! Mostly they all had the same reactions as me! Calmness, clarity, good health … Health especially! Some say that in their lives many things are “set up” by themselves, come into their place, and that they have much more energy in fulfilling their obligations … The colleague’s son has never received a single epileptic attack since she brought orgonite into her apartment !

As that realization came about, so in parallel I gained the ability to “see” so I saw my last layer of aura, which was dark purple, I began to see photonic energy, like many tiny dots that were moving fast in my field of vision. , in that movement collided and changed direction of motion, and the path of motion was like a spiral. When I “asked” what I was seeing, I got an accurate and clear DEFINITION of photonic energy and photons, and that when we can no longer use natural energy resources, photonic and orgone energy will be our main sources !!! This is quite unusual, because until then I had not heard anything about photonic energy and especially I did not know its definition. Later I checked it and found out that the information was completely correct.
I also saw the orgone energy that is there, all around us and I always saw it, but I didn’t know what it was …

On the social plane, it happened that fake friends had crystallized, who peacefully came out of my life and me from theirs. Other, new people in my life have emerged who I can now say are true friends.
I keep the first orgonite and do not want to alienate it, especially because of the fact that it has a very long range, which one acquaintance who handles whiskey excellently measured.
After that first orgonite, I had a desire to make more, I gave most of them, and some I still have, Then I started to get orders from other people. Since orgonite materials are quite expensive, I started selling them so I could make new ones. Soon I also rented the space for making orgonite, because I had a lot of materials that needed to be placed somewhere and it became impossible to make them on the terrace.

This is part of my experience of how I got started making orgonites myself. I believe that I will never stop making them for as long as I can, and not only do good to me and my loved ones, but to all the people who have them, and to our entire Planet Earth.

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