Orgoniti - Julijana Serbia

I started doing orgonites since 2011. Until then, as I was learning and progressing in government business, but simultaneously finding time to devote my life to many spiritual techniques and advancement , such as reiki technick, crystals, Mayan calendar teachings, many seminars such as radiation therapy, regressotherapy, a multi-year seminar “On the path to enlightenment”, bioenergy healing, Yoga teachings … healthy food, barefoot walking, finding a way to harmonize with nature and give back to ourselves and our source, which is our mother Earth. I have held many seminars, workshops and lectures so far, spreading knowledge and raising awareness of how to improve their quality of life.
I make orgonites every day, I have made thousands of them, and all users come up with exceptional and commendable experiences. The orgonites have changed my life for the better, as well as the many users who report daily having positive experiences, in financial terms, in health, in interpersonal relationships, as well as in love life. (This is in the “user experience” option)

ORGONITI – Julijana Srbija

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